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Art helps people express how they perceive the world and how to find themselves within this world.  This is an important lesson that should begin as early as one can.

Art history helps young children to build up a strong artistic foundation and to develop a cultured taste. They can express themselves and communicate with others in all kinds of ways through art.  Art has power to both emphasize a collective belonging while providing a unique way for expression.  

Teaching children art is about preparing young minds for a future of invaluable experiences.  Ai+ Gallery’s art project featuring over 30 artists aims to explain why those artists and their work are still relevant in today’s society.  Each unit of the project includes an overall summary that encapsulates the artist’s unique style, contribution, and their relevance in the history of art. The program engages students interactively throughout for an immersive learning experience. This allows each student to use various art techniques as an expression of their thoughts, emotions, and their relationship to this world.

Art appreciation is a self-discovery process.  An art education initiates and makes this discovery process possible!

Public Speech class at Ai+ Gallery, Pasadena


Natural bee's and soy wax candle making classes at Ai+ Gallery, Pasadena

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