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Ai+ Gallery is proud to present Art Love Charity’s 19th public benefit art exhibition “New Life”. This exhibition is a 2020 International Children’s Creative Works Exhibition featuring children ages 3-8 from America, Australia, Germany, Canada, China, Malaysia, Singapore and more. “New Life” is an exhibition of creative work made from discarded materials that had once had another purpose.


Each young artist uses their imagination and expression to create a special art piece that brings life back to old and forgotten items. Mediums may include anything from old toys and clothes, to plastic packaging and building supplies. Using this bountiful resource of “waste” material, artists can then replenish and change the perspective of this material, giving them a second life.


Reusing, recycling, or revamping materials questions the idea of what is waste, allowing artists to raise awareness about the nature of how objects and products are used in modern life. This allows an artist to break the line between what is considered waste material and what is considered artistic material. By using what has otherwise been known as waste material as artistic material, artists bring awareness towards the dangers behind the current rapid growth in consumer habits. “New Life” allows young artists to become educated on this, by preserving beauty and worthy through creation. This not only creates environmental awareness, but also helps to find a good home for old, unwanted objects and materials.

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