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Donations for Artspire History

Artspire History Project Poster

Artspire History is a children’s art educational program offered by Ai Plus Gallery, a California non-profit public-benefit corporation. The program seeks sponsors to help support the ongoing development and resources of Artspire History.

Funds will be used 100% to advance the Artspire History program.

All sponsors will be formally recognized.


• Hire an editor and educators to polish and streamline content
• Collaborate with child educators and editors to further develop the program
• Publish books for use and access by students, educators and the public
• Print 1000 books per artist, 40 pages each, 10 artists in 2022
• Produce artist introduction videos 10 artists in 2022
• Complete videos with child voice-over narration and in-house animation
• Conduct trial classes with class materials
• Publish additional round of another 10 artist booklets in 2023


• Inspire children and equip them with essential skills to express themselves through art

• Teach art history, theory and aesthetics, in a child-accessible format
• Develop communication through art
• Invite children to use art to experience and appreciate different perspectives of the world

• Informative and colorful printed activity booklets involve young students

• Educational videos are narrated by children, for children
• Art materials equip students to explore art through fun activities
• Artspire History will train and equip Instructors to conduct classes

Host Venues:

Public Library events - Museum events - Summer Camps -School Field Trips - After-school programs

Teaching children art will aid in their understanding of history and culture, and enhance mental health.

We appreciate your consideration and your support.

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