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MARCH 2024

The exhibition features Yoshio Ikezaki's recent sumi ink paintings, watercolors, collages, and Washi sculptures under the theme "POWER IN SERENITY." Inspired by Zen Buddhism, his art emphasizes simplicity, portraying natural elements in perfect harmony. Serenity in Yoshio's work isn't passive; it's powerful and elegant, reflecting the cyclical nature of existence.



revolves around the principles of sustainability,recycling,and the artistry that extends beyond the ordinary.

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Ai Plus Gallery is proud to host a collection of artwork from local artists, expressing their individual imaginations.


MARCH 2023

Director of Visual Art
California Institute of Technology

An Art Walk of the Silk Road

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Ai Plus Gallery is pleased to hold an evening of artistic celebration.

Come and enjoy a large and varied collection of the award-winning artist’s work, featuring a conversation relevant to today’s art experience.

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MARCH 2022

Bloom into Spring!

The long cold winter is melting away

Through the mist the sun is peeking

New life has come to fields and woods

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MARCH 2020 

 “New Life” is a children's exhibition of creative work made from discarded materials that had once had another purpose. Reusing, recycling, or revamping materials questions the idea of what is waste, allowing artists to raise awareness about the nature of how objects and products are used in modern life. By using what has otherwise been known as waste material as artistic material, artists bring awareness towards the dangers behind the current rapid growth in consumer habits. “New Life” allows young artists to become educated on this by preserving beauty and worthy through creation. This not only creates environmental awareness, but also helps to find a good home for old, unwanted objects and materials.


DECEMBER 12, 2019

Today, Emery Lambus has exceeded his life dream at Ai+ Gallery through Art Love Charity, Michael Habicht III and Serge Del Mar. Hug Help Hope highlights the importance of empathy and art - an universal language that transcends barriers of race, age, and wealth. Lambus has learned to live with his mental challenges and often incorporates their symptoms into his art.



Nancy Riegelman’s extensive art career has focused on exploring different ways that the body can perform as an instrument of production within the creative process.


A Path of Myriad Views traces the varying paths, methodologies that the artist had undertaken over the years, while bringing into view the intricate worlds that constitute Riegelman’s distinctive practice.


Included in the exhibition are pieces from Breath, a series of formal drawings from 2007 which were constructed in relation to the body’s scale and internal rhythms.

MAY 18 - JULY 18, 2019


The first exhibition features nine artists —Ai Weiwei, Robert Rauschenberg, Yoshio Ikezaki, Fu Site, Christopher Wool, Ian Backstrom, Frances H. Arnold, Jim Barry, Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn. The gallery proudly showcases works of established and emerging artists from a variety of cultural backgrounds. It bridges the gap between arts and education by engaging and inspiring emerging artists to create a culture of respect and freedom of expression. The show expands the boundaries and meanings of Arts and Communities.

MAY 16, 2019

Cissy Li is the leading Chinese-American milliner taking the art of millinery by storm. More than just beautiful hats, her classic lines and insistence on everyday comfort make her bespoke creations perfect to wear and be seen in.


Handmade by Cissy Li, style and design meet uncompromising comfort and quality. Each hat is hand-stitched, each element is carefully selected and exactingly applied, and every millenary is tailored to her painstaking specifications.

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