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Cissy Li is a leading Chinese-American milliner taking the art of millinery by storm. More than just beautiful hats, her classic lines and insistence on everyday comfort make her bespoke creations perfect to wear and be seen in.

From an early age, Cissy trained to be a world-class couturier model and later traveled to Europe to pursue her dream of being a runway model. She moved extensively throughout Europe and Asia and was inspired by amazing art and design; she began studying art history and fashion design. There she developed the skills necessary to pursue master craftsmanship in everything she made.

A whimsical anecdote between a mother and daughter presented Cissy with the perfect place to put her new skills. She brought her daughter Claire to see the Queen of England at a Royal Ascot. Claire fell in love with the Queen's radiance and her hat. Claire believed that Cissy would one day be the first Chinese-American milliner to create a bespoke piece fit for the queen. Ever since, the sweet endorsement of her young daughter has been the driving force behind her mother's creative genius.

Cissy brings to the artisanal craft community a fabulously feminine touch made with old-world workmanship and standards. Her years a couture model helped shape her vision. For instance, to get the perfect presentation for each finished product, each millinery hat is specifically fitted for its client with adjustments made to create resplendent visage that captivates both the owner and all who discover her wearing it.

With Handmade by Cissy Li, style and design meet uncompromising comfort and the highest quality. Each hat is hand-stitched, each element is carefully selected and exactingly applied, and every millinery is tailored to her painstaking specifications.

As an artist and couture milliner, Cissy seeks to bring out each client's personality and individual style through her creations, inspiring confidence whenever one of her fabulous creations is worn. We look forward to the day when, perhaps, even the Queen of England will proudly wear Cissy's next masterpiece for a posh parade.

Selected Images

Selected Images

Gallery Exhibtions

Gallery Exhibitions |

May 16, 2019
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